Your Website is Just Like Your Exercise Equipment

Treat your website like your home gym.

Many years ago, I work up one morning and found myself horribly out of shape.  Being a smart guy, I did what any smart guy would do, I went out and bought a “home gym”. I was like a kid on Christmas morning as I assembled my new gym.  I watched the training videos.  I did a work out, downed a protein shake and hit the showers feeling great.  I went to bed that night confident in the knowledge that I had made a wise choice and my life was going to get better.  Eeezy-Peezy.  I worked out regularly for the next two weeks and then slowly, life got in the way returned to my old “normal” routine.  I didn’t get in shape and the home gym just sat there.

Sound familiar?  It should.

Your website is exactly the same as that home gym that I bought.  You  paid big money to have some geek-team create and build your site.  Your site went “live” and you even had a big launch party at your business.  and then your  life/business returned to to it’s old normal routine.  And just like that home gym, your website sits there, collecting dust.

Well I’m in great shape now.  Actually the best shape of my life. Because I bought some exercise equipment?  Certainly not.  I’m in shape because I regularly use my gym.  I have a plan to work out.  There is a goal in place.  The gym has grown and all of the equipment gets used.

Dust off  that Website!

It is time to dust off your website.  Create the game plan for your website. Write out the goals for your website in 2018 and beyond.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn your website into a store.  Do you have a product?  Sell it on your site.  Where will you get customers?  Planet Earth.
  • Create a newsletter about something.  It’s your business/life.  You pick the topic.  Build an email list of subscribers.   Ask any marketer, the money is in the list.
  • Offer a free download.  A .pdf, an ebook, a video. It’s your business/life.  You pick the topic.  Build an email list of subscribers.   Ask any marketer, the money is in the list.
  • Add a blog for your website.  Write about that which interests you.  There are others out there that think similar to you.  Change the world.

I recently attended a terrific motivational weekend.  Lots of successful men and women speaking on success, motivation and attitude.  I took copious notes all weekend.  I learned a lot.  But one of the speakers delivered one of the very best motivational thoughts I have every heard.  “If you do something, something will happen”.  Pretty deep, huh?  But he is correct.  I bought the home gym and it sat there, being ignored regularly and nothing happened to the man in the mirror. Until I got with the program, my program, and things changed.

You bought the website.  If you are ignoring your site and it is just sitting there, then you too, will see no improvement in your business.  So get with the program, your program, and change your business.  If you need some, give me a call.

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