Unlimited Data is a Rip-Off

I recently helped some friends who were having financial challenges.  It wasn’t that they didn’t have a good income.  It was really just a matter of they did not know where all the money was going.  Quicken to the rescue.  I helped them set up their checking accounts and we started with the fun task of entering all those check register entries.  Good times!

When we got to their cellular bill, I saw an immediate red flag.  Their monthly cellular bill was over $180 per month.  They told me they only had the two phones, but were told that by their provider that the Unlimited Data Plan was the “Best Value”.  Uh-huh…….

I found that interesting as in our household, our cellular bill is about $95 per month.  Our data plan?  200 meg per month and we have never gone over over limit. Now my wife and I are pretty hi-tech people.  We have smart phones, multiple social media accounts and email accounts as well.  What’s the secret to our low cellular bill?  Easy.  We are always in a free WiFi hotspot. So are you…

Let me explain.  In your home, you have a wireless network.  At work, you are probably sitting in a WiFi hotspot.  At your favorite restaurant, coffee house, doctor’s office, or your best friend’s house, you are sitting in somebody’s wireless network.

So do you really need to have your 4G enabled?  Probably not…. Unless you need to check your Facebook or Twitter feed while driving down the interstate.

We do occasionally need to access the 4G as if I am trying to find that new clients home or looking at a menu of a new eatery, but otherwise, the 4G is OFF. And by having the 4G off and a very low data plan, our household is saving about $800 a year in unnecessary data charges.  So can yours…

Pull out lasts month bill and look at your data plan.  Cut it back.  Save some $$$.  And stop listening to the kid working at the cell store.




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