Hype Fitness with Emily

Hype Fitness with Emily

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With Emily (Em J) at the helm, a new dance revolution has been birthed! With Emily`s passion for helping others through her love for dance, her class has quickly became one of Chattanooga`s most talked about fitness classes over the last two years!

At HYPE Fitness With Emily we focus on the love of dancing & music instead of weight & calories. When you join our classes and feel the routines, the weight loss is inevitable. Our atmosphere is warm & inviting and all are welcome, NO judgment!


The Challenge

Emily and her team wanted a very upbeat, vibrant and inviting website.  Something that reflected Emily’s vision for her fitness studio and encompassed her unique business model.   Motivation has to ooze off the website.  No sitting around drinkin’ lattes here.  It’s all about getting in gear and getting going.

Exciting User Experience

Rockin’ & Upbeat Messaging

Multi-Device Compatible

The Solution

Giant graphics, hi-energy videos and bright colors were the order of the day for Hype Fitness with Emily.  Everything had to “POP” on the site; Just like it does when you walk into the Hype Fitness studios.  You can feel the energy just scrolling through the pages.

Hype Fitness with Emily

Web Elements

The intro video grabs your attention.  The bold graphics keep inviting you to go deeper into the site.  The calendar gives her customers the info they need to work their fitness routines into their already busy schedules.

Hype Fitness with Emily

The Results

Well, this site BRINGS IT.  Energy…. Fitness…. Power……  Class registrations are up!  More classes are being scheduled and that’s good, For Emily and her students.

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