Silver Star Theater

Silver Star Theater

Responsible for: UX/UI, Design, Development, eCommerce platform


 The Friends of Garfield Park website is a website that is more about the Park then it is about the Friends of Garfield Park. We needed to understand this dynamic and portray it graphically throughout the site, making it easy to raise funds, announce events, and also put the park center stage.

The Challenge

The Friends of Garfield Park website had some very specific challenges. it needed to be a community website, but not over shadow the actual Garfield Park community website. The other major challenge was to give the site a much easier way to raise funds for the Friends of Garfield Park.

Cozy User Experience

Easy to Navigate

Multi-Device Compatible

The Solution

Heritage postcard photography give the site a special personality that is welcoming to visitors, and helps visitors remember earlier times as well as the new features of Garfield Park.

Silver Star Theater Case Study

Web Elements

The Friends of Garfield Park offer the community and park patrons several opportunities throughout the year to raise funds. We’ve created a special social media display that incorporates several social media platforms:  Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, etc.


The Results

We;ve created a site that is easy to navigate, brings nostalgia, raises funds, announces events and activities, and gives visitors a detailed map of the park. It will be a very useful and successful tool for the Friends of Garfield Park for years to come.

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