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Darien Cornfest is a wonderful Wisconsin celebration of all things corn.  That’s right, corn.  It all started over 50 years ago when food magnate Birds Eye, gave some of their foods back to the community and a festival was born.  Working with the all volunteer Cornfest Army brought a lot of fun to the project, while not getting too corny.

The Challenge

Darien Cornfest had an old-school static website.  With many events taking place throughout the weekend, we knew the new website design had to provide quick access to all information and updates.  Keep it easy to navigate, while maintaining a fun tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Comfortable User Experience

Fun and Jovial Messaging

Multi-Device Compatible

The Solution

A simple, streamlined was site created. A focus on the user experience resulted in a clean layout and a logical, searchable directory.

Darien Cornfest case study

Web Elements

Bright Fall colors [Nothing better than the changing colors of Fall in the Midwest].  Huge graphics and big buttons make the site easy to view and navigate.  Logical drop-down menus.  Event updates on the main page.  And that ever-present “corny” attitude.

Darien Cornfest case study

The Results

The site has been very well-received and the visit count continues to grow.   Next year?  We add a full-blown e-commerce section to sell that wonderful Cornfest Swag.  Good times….

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