Capture That e-Mail Address

Are you capturing your website’s visitors information?

Your business has a website and it looks great.  But when people visit your website, are you capturing their information?  Are you getting their email address? Phone number? Anything?  Bueller? If you are answering “No” to any off these questions, then you are leaving money on the table.  Now, no one likes those annoying popups bouncing into your screen, but as a business owner, they do have an important purpose; to add more names to your mailing list.  This can be accomplished quite easily these days and it can be done in such a way that it is not an annoyance to your visitors.  There are many pop-up plugins available to add to your WordPress website.

The Problem With WordPress Popup Plugins

There are so many WordPress popup plugins available both free and paid. The main problem with most popup plugins is that they can become very annoying for users. This has a negative impact on user experience.  Another common problem with popup plugins is that they can slow down your website. Some take too much time to load while others are very resource intensive on your servers resulting in a slow page load time which negatively affects your SEO.  The main purpose of using a popup plugin is to generate leads and boost your email list subscribers. Many popup plugins fail to do that properly because they don’t have the right balance of features and functionality.

The Good News on WordPress Popup Plugins

The good news is that the majority of these plugins are so robust and so programmable that you can configure them to not be an annoyance.  A couple or cool tricks that we use are:

  • Set up the pop-up so that returning customers do not see the popup again.  The popup can be configured so that when a customer comes to your site the first time, that will be the only time that the popup show.  We utilize this trick on Mesa Arizona’s own Silver Star Theater.
  • Setup the popup so that it displays only when the website visitor scrolls down to the bottom 1/4 of the homepage.  The thought process behind this: If a visitor comes to your site and has seen enough interesting content to stay on the page and scroll to the bottom, chance are the popup placed there will not be an annoyance but actually an enticement to see what else you can bring to the table.  We utilize this trick on Tucson Arizona’s own SpiritsChild Metaphysical Store.
  • The free offer popup.  Give your visitors a “freebie”.  An e-Book, an informational .pdf, anything to get them to click on that button and fill out the form.  We utilize this trick on our own website Two Guys and a Mouse.


Many of your site’s visitors may never land on your pages again. You have one chance to convert them into a lead or capture them as part of your regular audience.  Popups allow you to stick a CTA [Call-To-Action] front and center, demanding an action. If readers liked your content, they will be much more likely to give you their email when asked then to search your site for a sidebar subscription box.

If your website is not capturing any info, give us a call, we can help.

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