Turn Your Webcam Off & On – The Easy Way

Webcam Security Simplified

Webcams are wonderful devices.  They are great for everything from business conferencing and staying in touch with friends and family.  But in this new crazy world of hackers and crackers, it is important to have options at our fingertips to control our webcam’s security and to bring some peace-of-mind to those

DavesComputerTips: Here’s an even simpler method, especially convenient for those who tend to be regularly switching between using the webcam and not – it’s a little portable freeware called “Webcam On-Off”. No prizes for originality there but plenty of kudos for providing a very quick and simple method for switching a webcam off and on.

Webcam On-Off is a small 328KB zip download (scans 100% clean through Virus Total). Simply extract the files and then double click the extracted executable to run the software:






As you can see from the screenshot: the software reports the current status of the webcam and provides the user with a simple one-click operation to either Disable or Enable the webcam. I believe ‘Webcam On-Off’ utilizes the same Device Manager method, only direct via command line.

Webcam On-Off is just my sort of software; free, portable, small, and effective. My kind of webcam software.

Check out Webcam On-Off and download direct from the developer here: Webcam On-Off Home Page.


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