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Alpha and Omega Photography travels the world, and take some stunning pictures. They wanted a website that could showcase their photography in a way that would be as breathtaking as the actual locations they were photographing. They wanted to show the entire spectrum of the world in such a way that the visitor would be in awe of our big world. We wanted to provide them with an easy to navigate website as well. They also wanted to use flickr.com as their main repository for all their photography, so we had to develop an interface that would seamlessly display their award winning photography through flickr.com



Miles Traveled

“Once we saw the photographs Branden wanted on his site we agreed, the bigger we could make them, the better it would display the breathtaking panoramic views he had captured.”

The Two Guys

The Challenge

A world map that didn’t take up more page landscape than the landscape photographs – after all we were showcasing the photography and not the map of the world, but still wanted to show the entire world.

When using big pictures, and we’ve used BIG pictures, it requires a great deal of bandwidth. So page-load speeds were always a big concern.

Intuitive navigation and user experience is always one of our first priorities. We wanted the map to be easy to navigate, and show the many locations being photographed with intuitive and simple navigation.


Comfortable User Experience

Easy Access to Galleries

Multi-Device Compatible

The Solution

For the map we’d integrate a custom plugin that would show the entire world, but allow the user to drill down, scroll, zoom in and pick the different locations.

For the photo galleries we’d create a special integration with flickr.com to display the photographs with easy to navigate light-box effect that is so common on websites.

We’d divide the world into quadrants – too many photo galleries on a page would slow page load considerably, so we’d make sure to post no more than 5 galleries per quadrant.

Alpha & Omega case study

Web Elements

You cannot help but notice the lack of words of this site.  With galleries this great, why ruin it all with text…

The Results

We integrated a world map plugin and customized it to do exactly what we wanted. The map quickly and easily shows different locations, drills down from continents, to countries, and cities, is scrollable, and zoomable.

Page cache was a minor issue that once we configured correctly loads photo galleries quickly. The light-box streams perfectly, and page load speeds are right where we felt comfortable with.

The site is as beautiful as the photography.

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