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Alpha and Omega Entertainment’s purpose is to tell a story—your story. With every project, their goal is to evoke emotion within our audience. Behind every laugh, smile, and tear, there is a nuanced approach to each camera shot, final edit, and visual performance. Every frame inside the story has a purpose. Whether it is movies, media, or marketing—they are dedicated to telling the story.

The Challenge

We knew we had to deliver a site that presented Alpha and Omega’s great content right out of the gate.

Comfortable User Experience

Easy to Navigate

Multi-Device Compatible

The Solution

Rather than getting all “wordy” in telling the story, we kept the site simple. Offering large panels that reflect A & O’s three major areas of expertise, movies, media, and marketing, we knew that the bold imagery would do all the talking

A&O Entertainment case study

Web Elements

Even though Alpha and Omega Entertainment deals with some of the biggest name-brand clients out there, we kept the design of the website small and simple.  Fabulous homepage video trailers and giant full-page graphics make for a stunning first impression.


The Results

Keeping on the cutting edge of the movie industry, Alpha and Omega Entertainment continues to impress and deliver.  Working with their design team helped us to deliver a clean and impressive website, all the while keeping their most important clients happy.

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