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We’re Not That Smart

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Well, we are just being honest. We aren’t that smart. But we are smart enough to know that we needed to surround ourselves with people much smarter than ourselves. Now that is smart!

So we have literally scoured planet Earth so find the best brains out there to support your web design business (ours to)]. Our assembled collective of big brains from around the solar system handle all the really technical (but mostly boring) details that keep your sales funnel running smoothly on the information super-highway (Yes, I really did just say information super-highway). Sorry about that….

But We Are Really Good At:

Graphic Design and Layout
Custom CSS
Michael, Tucson Web Design
Todd, Tucson Web Design
Tucson web design team

Michael Claridge

Founder | Owner

Todd Detry

Founder | Owner

Our Design Team

The Big Brains

Performing at the Great American Playhouse for years, Michael is just as comfortable up on the stage as he is behind the big monitors. His favorite food is food and he’s never met a buffet he didn’t like. He owns more cameras than any man should have. Favorite movie: Reservoir Dogs, of course. Favorite line: “You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize”.

Guitar Player, Long-Distance Cyclist, Lover of Funk Music. I’m the “Finder”. You need it, I’ll find it. Traveled most of the United States and now ready for the rest of the solar system. I would eat Sushi three days a week (if my budget allowed). I’m also a movie trivia junkie with a Masters Degree in MST3K. Favorite MST3K Line: “The Master would not approve”.

Our bunch of big brains from around the planet provide the backbone of web services. Each one of global team has been careful vetted, tested, probed and prodded to ensure that they possess the tech skills in their field of expertise before they joined our team.

Our Terrific Customers: